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HIGHTEC RACING MOTOR OIL 5W-40 is based on the specifically developed MULTI-ESTER TECHNOLOGY which, in combination with top-quality, fully synthetic PAOs (polyalphaolefins), forms a perfect basis for motorsports engine oils. The additives are specifically attuned to this and lend the product all the properties required for winning races. The greatest importance was meanwhile attached to protecting the highly stressed racing engines. Another development focus for our motorsports engine oils was on an extremely high oxidation and viscosity stability, offering extreme advantages for the longest racing assignments. This technology has enabled the ROWE RACING TEAM to reach a great number of different podium positions, for example the overall victory in the legendary 24 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps in the year 2020.

Ever since its introduction, HIGHTEC RACING MOTOR OIL 5W-40 has reliably prevented oil-related engine damage in a great number of races and a broad range of categories.