Racing Products

As with every product we make here in Germany, ROWE’s passion and uncompromising mission for our racing lubricants is to be the best. Standing on the winner’s podium with our products is a mighty formidable challenge in the highly competitive world of professional motorsport. To achieve these goals, we work in close cooperation with our partners, the ROWE Racing Team – right where the action is, on the track! Through this technical partnership, we have developed a range of engine oils and driveline lubricants that excel in even the toughest of motorsport arenas. We call it Engineered Horsepower. Great importance has been placed on the selection of every single element, this guarantees ROWE Racing lubricants deliver unrivalled wear protection and exceptional durability. We have proven their pedigree in the most convincing way possible – through ROWE Racing’s outright victories in the 24 Hours Nürburgring and Spa 24 Hours – widely considered two of the world’s toughest motor races.